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People First’s Best Life Advocacy project provides advocacy to the people of Cumbria.


Who can we help;

Anyone who needs support to:

Make changes and take control of your life;

Be valued and included in your community; and

Be listened to and understood.


Advocacy is taking action to help you to:

Express your views and wishes;

Secure your rights;

Have your interests represented;

Access information and services; and

Explore choices and options.

Advocacy promotes equality, social justice and social inclusion.

It can empower you to speak up for yourself.

Advocacy can help you become more aware of your own rights, to exercise those rights and be involved in and influence decisions that are being made about your future.

If you are unable to communicate your views in a way we can understand, we may still need to represent you. We will uphold your rights and ensure you are treated equally. This is called non-instructed advocacy.


What is an advocate?

An advocate is someone who supports you to have your views heard and make sure your rights are upheld.

Advocates can help you to put your views and feelings access when decisions are being made about your life.

Advocates can give support which will enable you to make choices and inform you of your rights.

An advocate will support you to speak up for yourself or, in some situations, will speak on your behalf.

Advocates are independent. They are not connected to the carers or to the services which provide your support.

An advocate works with you to develop your confidence wherever possible and will try to ensure that you feel as empowered as possible to take control of your own life.


How do I refer to this organisation

Referral form link:

Tel: 03003 038 037

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it