Croftlands Trust





Austwhim House

52 Manchester Street


LA14 1QR

Telephone 01229 837177
Opening HoursAAA

9am-5.30pm (building)

Team vary start times to suit clients needs




Day Service

We run an art project called 'Shine' where people can build confidence, develop strengths, help identify goals and develop coping strategies in a supportive environment. The aim is to build understanding of ways to socially engage with others in preperation for joining other activities in the community.


Community Bridge Building Team (CBBT)

CBBT supports clients transition from using mental health and learning disability services into community based activities, helping explore life domains. Helping those who may be socially excluded or isolated to successfully integrate into the community.


We explore all aspects of the clients life then link in to experts across a range of advice fields, assisting in referral, first contact, then aim to step back as the individual becomes more confidence and comfortable.


How do I refer to this organisation?

Referrals only accepted by a Social Worker or Community Psychiactric Nurse.


Type of Organisation

Charitable organisation supporting clients to seek advice.


Quality Marks

Investors in People